Apply for IASI Recognition of Your Course or Workshop

If you offer or plan to offer an SI-related course of study, workshop or seminar, it is important to apply for IASI recognition so attendees can earn mandatory CE credits required for certification. IASI recognition also helps promote your course to the SI community on the IASI website, newsletters and email.

Before completing the Continuing Education Provider Application please note:

  • If you are applying for Category II Non-Structural Integration Provider approval, you will need to provide the names of 4 IASI members who would recommend your courses. In addition, it is your responsibility to have your references provide IASI with a letter of recommendation. The CE committee will review once we have received all four letters and from there will determine if you are approved as a Category II CE provider.

To become a Category 1 or 2 CE Provider you need to fill out the Continuing Education Provider application. There is a $50 one-time fee to apply for provider status. Applications are evaluated by the IASI Continuing Education Certification Committee. To ensure objectivity, committee members represent diverse backgrounds in Structural Integration.

Become a CE Provider! APPLY TODAY!

Once you have been approved as a Category 1 and/or 2 Provider you may submit workshops, classes and study group opportunities that we will post on the IASI website and newsletters. There is a fee of $50 to post each listing on the website. Each website listing will also appear in the newsletters.

CE Workshops, Classes, or Study Groups...SUBMIT TODAY!

Class Requirements and Provider Reporting:

  • Each student that completes the course gets a Certificate of Completion. (You may use your own.)
  • A clear refund policy is provided to all applicants.
  • The number of hours for credit must be submitted when the course is submitted to the IASI office. One hour of CE credit equals at least 50 minutes of in-class instruction. This gives adequate time for breaks as needed. Lunch and extended break periods do not count toward class hours. A normal class day consists of six hours.