Continuing Education

The Four Year Continuing Education Requirements:

Your reporting deadline is December 1st, 4 years after your enrollment date. For every four year cycle, a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education is required and the hours distributed as follows below: Report Today!

Category 1: Core SI studies (36 hour minimum)

Category 2: Adjunct Studies (18-36 hours)

Category 3: Self Directed Studies (18 hours maximum)

Course Category Course Description

Core Structural Integration Studies: Classes and workshops have Structural Integration as the main topic of inquiry and the Instructor must have at least 7 years experience as a Structural Integration practitioner. They must also be approved by IASI.

Category I also includes hours earned in the following ways: 

  • Mentoring
  • Support/study group of Structural Integrators
  • Prerecorded materials
  • Publications
  • Teaching
Adjunct Studies: Classes and workshops study theories, techniques, and skills that are applicable to SI work but from a different discipline such as cranio-sacral, osteopathy, visceral manipulation, biodynamics, etc. Student is allowed 1 in-class hour per day and must have a letter or certificate of hours worked from a supervisor. The classes and workshops must also be approved by IASI.

Self Directed Studies: Classes and workshops are not approved by IASI. Category 3 educational experiences are meant to enhance the 'practitioners' competencies and promote the 'individuals' development. A short rationale explaining the benefit of these classes and experience is necessary for credit, including an accurate accounting of the number of in-class hours per day.

Examples of Category 3 experiences are: 
• University courses, anatomical studies 
• Workshops and trainings in psychotherapeutic methodologies 
• Spiritual workshops 
• Requirements for licensing or certification by state agencies also fit into this category



















We also have continuous classes available:

The Barral Institute was created by Jean-Pierre Barral and staffed with
international instructors who have finished his apprenticeship program.
Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Fascial Integration,
CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Balancing, and many more techniques are
taught in 1 - 6 day workshops. Workshops are approved for 6 hours/day of
Type II credits. Visit Barral Institute website for workshop details.