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Ecuador - WheelerWork: Innovative Tools & Strategies for Enhanced S.I. Results
Friday, January 19, 2018 to Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Category: International CE Courses


January 19-23, 2018
South-Central, Ecuador,
Garden of Paradise


Class size:
limited to 10 students

$750 early bird special if paid in full by 11/17/2017

To Register email:
Richard Wheeler
[email protected]

More Information: 

Richard Wheeler
[email protected]

Garden of Paradise Website

WheelerWork: Innovative Tools & Strategies for Enhanced S.I. Results

Instructor: Richard Wheeler

IASI CE Credits: 

Course Description:

This workshop is for S.I. practitioners and experienced bodyworkers who 

  • Want to improve their effectiveness and client enjoyment of their work
  • Want to learn strategies for better self-care while working

Working within the general context of Dr. Rolf’s 10-session “recipe,” you will learn to use a set of innovative tools - hand grips, a variable-length strap and a unique curved-surface table. You will also learn highly innovative strategies that deliver great results. If you find yourself wishing for more energy, a bigger frame, broader shoulders for more leverage, the greater solidity of contact, more strength, more power, more endurance and greater effectiveness
while your clients enjoy the work more, then this workshop is for you. 
With the hand grips, straps and curved surface table used individually or in combination, you will:

  • Increase manual power, endurance, and steadiness of touch
  • Discover surprisingly effective new combinations of contact, leverage and tissue manipulation
  • Get better results with your clients in less time and with greater ease 
  • Explore the benefits of a curved surface treatment table which supports your clients to relax far more deeply, while enabling you to work creatively with gravity to make changes more effectively.

Come transform your practice with WheelerWork, while escaping winter to enjoy one of the world’s best climates. Classes will be taught in our Cafe Cosmos, in the Garden of Paradise Healing and Retreat Center. See www.gardenofparadise.net.

Instructor Bio: 

When I applied for training in 1971, Dr. Rolf told me I had the build of a dancer, not a Rolfer. She told me to go become a Movement Practitioner. She wanted her Rolfers to be big strong mesomorphs. At 5' 8" and 135 pounds, I did not fit this category. Her idea was to train practitioners who’d work with famous sports figures (esp. football players), so word would quickly spread about her work on TV and in the print media. So, I first went into the movement education area of Dr. Rolf’s work, known back then as Rolf-Aston Structural Patterning. While I got great results with my clients, after six years of teaching motion awareness and postural re-education, I wanted to get in “where the action was.” I really wanted to be a Rolfer! I re-applied, was accepted, and was fortunate to be able to study with Dr. Rolf - who, at one point, took me aside and told me I had “the best eyes in the class.” But Dr. Rolf was right. I really was not ideally built to work on big muscular work-hardened people day after day. That constraint led me to innovate. As a result, I’ve created tools and many unique strategies that the tools allow, to enable me to get great changes without having to work nearly so hard. This brings up another constraint that got in the way of Rolfing becoming adopted on a widespread basis: the reputation that Rolfing is painful. Rolfing does not have to be painful. It can be a pleasant experience. The grips, straps and curved surface table enable me to make profound changes for my clients, both in form and function, while my clients experience the work as profoundly pleasant. My style of Rolfing has become so different that I finally decided to brand it as “WheelerWork.” This January 2018 workshop is the first in which I’ll introduce WheelerWork to the world of bodywork.