2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall

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Anatomy Trains Neurovascular Release

Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration, a curriculum developed by Kier Schumaker, is now supported by Anatomy Trains. Seven years ago they began teaching nerve and artery work, and through ongoing refinement, their original (intensive) two-course offering has evolved into a more spacious and integrative six-part certification program. The first four parts of this new program are the technique classes, and the last two parts are clinic-style mentoring classes in which we work with outside models. If you previously took Module 1, or Modules 1 and 2 of the original course series, please stop by to find out how you can resume your studies, refreshing and deepening your neurovascular release skills. If you have not yet been introduced to this work, please stop by to receive "a sample" or watch Kier as they demonstrate neurovascular release techniques on volunteers. Kier will explain how they integrate this efficient and almost miraculous approach into their practice of SI.

Connect with Anatomy Trains

Contact: Kier Schumaker

W: www.agilebodysi.com/nvr
E[email protected]
C: 503-720-7403
M: 4405 SE Belmont St Apt 103

     Portland OR 97215
     United States



Church of the Divine Line

The Church of the Divine Line desires to gather practitioners together to discuss and explore the more esoteric and metaphysical experiences of Structural Integration. Many people have had mystical experiences of SI, both as the client and the practitioner. We need to hear these stories. We also strive to understand how other arts can benefit the purposes of SI, such as Astrology, past life studies, distance work, and the power of words. We also want to keep alive the stories and work about earlier practitioners and influencers like Byron Gentry, Dorothy Nolte, and Bella Karish. This group is an organic gathering will attempt to serve the needs of those who join. 


Connect with Church of the Divine Line

Contact: Scott Gauthier 

E[email protected]
C: 434-466-5855
M: 2146 Mt Torrey Road

     Lyndhurst VA 22952
     United States



Dohn Chiropractic and Hellerwork

“Structural Integration is Not Massage” is for anyone whose life and body feels out of balance. It is one man’s journey of discovering how to heal himself while learning to be a healing force for others using the tools and training of Structural Integration and Hellerwork. The book is filled with heart-tugging experiences, naked truths, and practical advice on how we can be human, which is as good as any of us gets. So join Dr. Jim on this journey and learn about gravity and how you, too, can benefit from releasing your fears, tapping into your authenticity, and becoming structurally integrated. This version of the book is in black and white. A color version is available. Please contact the author for more information. "This book is an intimate account of the author’s personal journey of growth and healing. Well worth reading." Joseph Heller


Connect with Dohn Chiropractic and Hellerwork

Contact: Dr. Jim Dohn

E[email protected]
C: 562-881-2932
M: 3215 E. Broadway

     Long Beach CA 90803
     United States

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Global SI™

Global SI's mission is to significantly grow the number of Structural Integration (SI) practitioners worldwide and to bring the work pioneered by Dr. Ida P. Rolf to geographic locations that are, as of yet, unreached. Structural Integration has repeatedly shown itself to be transformative, both in the lives of those who receive it and in those who are competently trained to share it with others. Global SI has pioneered a perspective of SI that is unique in the field, and we are on a mission to spread this drugless, hands-on therapy to every corner of the globe where there are people suffering.

Connect with Global SI™

Contact: Derek Gill

E[email protected]
C: 904-251-4305
M: 3501B N Ponce de Leon Blvd

     Unit #262
     St. Augustine, FL 32084
     United States

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Global SI - India                              Global SI - USA

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gWalk is Marketing Tool for practitioners with pre & post-session online experience for both clients and practitioners. Originally part of a Ph.D. proposal, the application is designed to promote and popularize Structural Integration with the general public. Its aim is to provide an online SI experience and encourage Session bookings with local practitioners. By offering a taste of SI experience at a distance, in the comfort of their own home, or as an outdoor experience, gWalk is both, a direct client communication sales pitch opportunity and content for an existing client’s relationship development organizing a Life Long Learning. Education being the key approach, the app is accompanied by an immersive gWalk manual: AI Resurrection - Tesla A.D. workbook, written by M.G.Walker (MSc, B.Ed, B.Ec, B.Eng). It is written by an academically qualified educator in support of the progressive SI culture and its language development. The Resurrection manual educates both science and art, offers insight into kinesiology of perception through story - decoded by the translation of electric impulse operated by the nervous system.


Connect with gWalk

Contact: Mladen Grabovac

E:  [email protected]
C: 447962403380
M: 3501B N Ponce de Leon Blvd
     Unit #262
     St. Augustine, FL 32084
     United States

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Structural Integration and Energy Medicine

My name is Jean Louise Green. I completed my Basic Training for Structural Integration in 1991 and my Advanced Training in 2019, both with the Guild for Structural Integration. I have written a handbook that may deepen your passion for the work and assist you in supporting your clients.

Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork was published in 2019. It is the culmination of my first 28 years of clinical practice during which time an intense desire arose to share my S.I. discoveries and stories.

 One of my passions has been an exploration of the gravitational field as a beneficial force. I was very fortunate to study with some great first teachers of Dr. Rolf’s work, and Emmett Hutchins directly inspired that inquiry. Biophysicist James Oschman aided my quest by providing the scientific explanation of how life force travels through the connective tissues of the body.

Part I covers the basics of S.I. for ‘newbies’ along with a section on the emerging science that supports our work. Another focus of mine has been learning to recognize and unravel fascial rotation patterns through the 10-series. It is my finding that Structural Integration provides the tools we need to help prevent some knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Part II covers the ten sessions in detail, including practitioner goals, Hellerwork themes, illustrations of areas addressed, movement and energetic exercises, and client self-care between sessions. Part III supports clients after their 10-series.

 “I have waited a very long time for a book like this on S.I. This is an accurate, concise, and inspired perception of what Ida P. Rolf set out to accomplish…. Some of the pieces of this story can be found elsewhere, but this is the place you will find the whole picture.”-- Dr. James L. Oschman, Ph.D. 

Connect with Jean Louise Green, Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration

Contact: Jean Louise Green

W: www.jeanlouisegreenrolfpractitioner.com
E[email protected]
C: 530-899-7653
M: 545 W 12th Ave

     Chico CA 95926
     United States

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