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IASI 2022 Speakers  

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David Davis
Presentation: Special Presentation Topic

David has been practicing SI since 1977. He was touched by the work in 1964-65 and trained in 1976-77. He was a founding member of the Guild for SI teaching prerequisite, Basic, Advanced and CE classes for 20 years. David was an early member of IASI having sat on the Executive Committee for Testing/Certification and has taught numerous workshops through IASI pre-covid. He also has taught for Hellerwork, Soma, GSI, and EGSI. He was a founding partner of the Crestone College of SI until closure in 2018.

He was a core member of the John Lodge project which published , "Structural Integration: The Basic Series in all its Abundance” and presented at the EGSI Symposium in Prague in May of this year. He is also lead instructor with Dr. Kirstie Segarra, Jill Gerber and Peter Ehlers as adjunct faculty with the SI training at the University of New Mexico in Taos which leads to an Associates degree in Structural Integration.

In the 46.5 years he has been practicing he has also completed 40,000+ sessions. He has been a conscious breather and meditating for 48.5 years having worked with many spiritual Masters and been married to sweet Lorraine for 45 years. They just moved from the Denver area to Tucson where he is establishing a practice, enjoying the Sonoran desert, giving time to writing, mentoring and developing the Center of Structural integration.

In 1993 David taught SI to Dr.’s and P.T.’s at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ.

Article in Massage Therapy Magazine: An Open Universe


Edwin Maupin
Presentation: TBD

I've been Rolfing for 50 years. I studied with Dr. Ida Rolf in 1968-9 , and I have been practicing her method of Structural Integration ever since.

I am a psychologist. I received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1962 with a dissertation on Zen Buddhist meditation. Rolf Structural Integration, to me, is an extension of meditation, and its healing effects come from a developing connection with the felt experience of the present moment - physical presence.

Rolf Structural Integration is designed to uncover the basic relation of the human frame to gravity. It is an Expansional Balance of grace and ease. The Four Parts of Expansional Balance are a systematic guide to opening the body. This movement model guides all my work.

"Awareness makes the Change."The awareness approach to Structural Integration engages the client in the process, rendering it painless (nearly) and integral, effective, and self-originating. 

I am past-President (sometimes 'President-Emeritus') of the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) in San Diego which became the International Professional School of Bodywork. My Rolf Structural Integration classes are conducted there as well as a course in Somatic Psychology.

"A Dynamic Relation to Gravity" is my two-volume manual of Structural Integration


Gael Rosewood
Presentation: The Science/Art of Rolfing: the innate wisdom of an interactive communication

Gael Rosewood joined the Esalen massage crew in 1969. Thus began her career and 50+ years of inquiry into the arts and science of somatic therapies. In 1970 she trained with Ida Rolf, the founder of Rolfing or Structural Integration. In 1971 she took Judith Aston's first training in Rolfing Movement.
Gael met Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, founder's of Continuum, in 1978. Thus began her many years of love and devotion to this practice. She became a Continuum teacher in 1999 and has taught internationally and locally. She last taught with Emilie in Jan. of 2014. After Emilie's death that year, Gael became a teacher for the Wellsprings program that was developed by Emilie and Robert Litman for a 3 week emersion into the principles and practice of Continuum.

After 10 years of study with Judith Aston and at the Rolf Inst., Gael helped to initiate the Rolfing Movement program. She was an instructor for both Rolfing Movement and the Rolfing faculty until 1998. Over the years she augmented her own practice with cranial/sacral techniques, visceral manipulation, nerve sheath release, Hubert Goddard movement classes and scar tissue work.

In 1998, she took Peter Levine's training to become an S.E. (Somatic Experience) practitioner.
Currently Gael maintains a private practice on Vashon Island, WA She still occasionally mentors Rolfing and Continuum students and teaches CE classes.


Jan Sultan



Jim Asher
Keynote Presentation:


  Judith Aston
Presentation: Dr. Ida Rolf was sooooo impressive!

Judith said, "I had the  privilege of spending quite a bit of time with Dr. Rolf from April 1968-1976 as her “girl Friday “, assistant, trainee, practitioner, and faculty by creating 3 trainings from Dr. Rolf’s program. I want to celebrate with you just what she was able to achieve early on: as a woman leader, who presented and taught her program without the research at the time, but knew the efficacy of the work, and kept going because she knew about the hundreds of people she had helped."

Judith Aston is widely recognized as a pioneer in the art and science of kinetics for her discovery of the Aston® Paradigm. Her distinct biomechanical model for the human body is based on a unique way of seeing the body in relationship to the earth. This skill set has allowed her to create numerous ergonomic products.

Her discoveries about the importance of using the forces of gravity and ground reaction in alternating sequences has transformed many systems of exercise, bodywork, and movement education. Her acute ability to “see” the body in stillness and in motion, and to train others to see, established her unique discipline of bodywork and movement training.

Contact info:[email protected], 775-831-8228 

Mary Bond
Presentation: Somatic Meditation for the Visceral Cranium.

Experiential understanding of our own patterns of expansion and compression clarifies what we see in our clients’ bodies and refines our approach to manual SI therapy. In this short presentation, Mary offers explorations within and around the maxilla and mandible that pertain most obviously to the Seventh Hour, and to breathing, but also reverberate throughout the body’s diaphragms.

Mary Bond studied with Ida Rolf from 1969 to 1972. Emeritus Faculty of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, she has been involved in the development of movement education for SI from the early days with Judith Aston to the current evolution through the work of Hubert Godard. She has taught movement workshops throughout the USA, in UK, Europe and Australia. Mary is the author of Balancing Your Body, the New Rules of Posture, and Your Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence and has also produced a DVD: Heal Your Posture. It is her joy to share her perspective of movement education. You can read Mary’s blog at


Neal Powers
Presentation: Our Collective Journey

I am a life-long student of Dr. Rolf.  I have been in private practice since 1973 and a teacher of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration since 1980.   I have had the privilege of having audited, practitioned and done advanced training with Dr Rolf. I currently teach workshops, basic classes, and advanced classes.

For me, Rolfing is an art whereby the practitioner over time develops an understanding of how to effectively ease structural strain and then, most importantly, to integrate the individual body around their own vertical axis.

The path in becoming a proficient practitioner requires some basic tools.
Learning how to touch.
Becoming aware of how to free restrictions.
Understanding the characteristics of strain
The importance of asking for movement.
The exquisiteness and importance of “pausing.”
To become comfortable and accepting with the unknown and the not knowing.


Robert Toperek

10 years after Vietnam Robert began studying Rolfing directly with DR Rolf. 

In 1978 Dr. Ida P. Rolf asked our founder Robert Toporek an Advanced Certified Rolf Practioner to implement and manage a project to demonstrate, document, and promote the benefits of Rolfing for babies and children. This was initially called "The Children's Project".  ​Robert produced an award-winning video and a monograph entitled "The Promise of Rolfing". He has also published a number of articles on the subject.

Robert and Dr.Rolf both knew that Rolfing babies at an early age made a significant and possibly scientific difference in their neuromuscular development. Robert has worked with kids with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, Aspergers, as well as other kids with developmental challenges.

Robert is now raising a substantial amount of money $250,000- $ 500,000 to work with women and children that are survivors of domestic abuse and or have children with developmental challenges.

​ In 1995 Robert began to take his healing work to one of Philadelphia' most challenged neighborhoods. He set up his Rolfing table on the sidewalk and offered free sessions to kids in the area. As time went on other volunteers joined the mission giving kids free massages, books, art supplies, athletic and music equipment. They also cleaned up the area and built a playground. in the summer of 1997, Robert and his volunteers began distributing over 50 computers to the families at 9th & Indiana In 1998 Robert began to expand this effort worldwide. This led to the evolution of "The Children's Project" to TeamChildren 

Our technology inclusion mission.
Despite the fact that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, poverty and poor education are still rampant. Today technology can make a difference yet far too many families do not have a home computer. Many schools are still using outdated equipment.

Each day, older and slower computers are discarded because they are not equipped with all of the latest technological advances. Our mission is to re-purpose them to ensure that every child has access to the use of a computer in the comfort and safety of their home, every school has adequate computers in the classroom, and no social service organization is without the technological tools to accomplish their goals

By simply writing a letter explaining the need for one of our low-cost computers or devices, families obtain devices necessary to better educate their children. help us spread the word.
With your help, we can become better known throughout communities that would benefit from our mission.

With Robert Toporek's professional Rolfing skills, TeamChildren is able to combat the obstacles that poverty-stricken families and children face by connecting the power of touch and technology. Rolfing and massage have been proven to be beneficial for babies and children with regards to health and brain development. By combining Rolfing/massage with technology, TeamChildren is working towards a better future for children, one child at a time.


Sharon Wheeler



Tom Myers
Presentation: Fascial Science and Structural Integration: 2022

The originator of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians
Thomas Myers studied with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller, and with a variety of movement and manual therapy pioneers. His work is influenced by cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies he made with European schools of osteopathy.

An inveterate traveler, Tom has practiced integrative manual therapy for over 40 years in a variety of clinical and cultural settings. Tom is the author of Anatomy Trains (2020, 4th ed), co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010, 2017), co-author of Anatomy Trains in Motion Study Guide (2019), author of Body3, The Anatomist’s Corner, Structural Integration: Collected Articles, and BodyReading: Visual Assessment and The Anatomy Trains, and has also written extensively for Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (Elsevier).

He has also produced over 20 online learning courses with Anatomy Trains, and others in collaboration with various body-oriented professional groups. Tom lives and sails on the coast of Maine in the USA. Tom and his faculty conduct professional development courses and certification in Structural Integration worldwide.


Will Johnson
Presentation: The Line as Mudra of Evolutionary Transformation.

Will Johnson completed his Rolfing training with Ida Rolf, Jan Sultan, and Emmett Hutchins in 1975-6. His lifelong interest ever since has been exploring The Line as a mudra of transformation and has brought that understanding into the sitting practices of Buddhist meditation. He’s been an outlier teacher in the Buddhist world since the 1990s and has written extensively about the role of the body in spiritual practices. His many books include The Posture of Meditation, Breathing Through the Whole Body, Rumi’s Four Essential Practices.

He lives with his wife Coco in Costa Rica at the Bambu Hueco Retreat Centre where he guides and monitors serious meditators combining sitting meditation practices with Rolfing and dreamwork sessions. Tricycle magazine has recently released a six-video series of his deeply body-oriented approach to sitting at His website is