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Currently IASI is offering auto-renew for Professional International and Professional US members. Learn more below:

Opting into Auto-Renew

When applying or renewing your membership, the Auto-Renew will display beneath the Membership Options area with a empty check box selection in our Membership Form or Renewal Form. This will provide you the ability to opt in by checking the box.

Note: IASI's membership platform does not keep credit card information on file, this lives with our third party payment processor.

Payment Timeline

Each year you will still receive our renewal notifications 30, 20, and 7 days before your expiration with an invoice attached. If you have opted into auto-renew, your automatic payment will be processed on your expiration date and automatically posted to the renewal invoice you received in your renewal notifications, this will renew your membership.

Payment Failure Notifications

Credit Cards are only valid for four years. If a member’s credit card expires one year from the time they are in Auto-Renew, then the payment will fail for next years dues since the card will then be expired. You will be also be notified if the payment can not be processed. You will then be moved into a lapsed status and will have to contact the office to remit payment.

Cancelling Auto-Renew

If you previously opted into auto-renewing your membership by selecting that option in our Membership Form or Renewal Form, and you decide you want to opt out; here are the steps:

  • Because your renewal notifications are sent prior to your membership expiring, you can take the renewal form through the front end of the website or the IASI Office can take the renewal form on your behalf and uncheck auto-renew to stop the auto drafting of their payment.

Note: The member must be in their renewal period to be able to go to the renewal form to opt out. So they would need to wait their full cycle to opt out. The IASI Renewal period is 30 days prior to your expiration through your expiration date.

For additional questions, please contact the IASI Office. 

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