Body of Perception

Subud House
Soquel, CA 


Dates: July 12 - 17,  2016

Times: Training begins at 10:30am on the first day and finishes by 6pm on the last day. Group size is limited to 18. 



Retreat Fees:  $795 (This is tuition only, accommodations/meals not included. Email contact below for more information about local accommodations.)

Registration Process: To register send a $150 non-refundable registration fee payable to “Continuum Montage LLC”:

Continuum Montage,

3751 Motor Ave
Suite 34757, Los Angeles, CA 90034

OR register online at;

Registration Email: For questions or to register, e-mail Helene Rein a t[email protected].

Course Category: 2

Course Description:
We deepen our relationship with gravity and perceptual spatial orientation, which builds a strong sense of safety and security; this gives us physical and emotional backing to take risks and meet creative challenges. We perceptively engage the action capacity—the skeletal structure, ligaments, and the striated muscle system to support, protect, and back the container of our soft visceral organs and our emotional expressivity.
•    Physical, emotional, and psychological skills that are specific to working with physical structure, perception, and relational dynamics.
•    Experiential functional anatomy through movement and palpation exercises brings self-discovery, strengthening, and coordination of the whole body.
•    Attention to our interoceptive sensations and the ways we uniquely experience and make sense of sensory input.
•    Skills to feel, identify, process, and communicate our sensations, needs, and emotions.
In individual and partner exercises, we build somatic and perceptive resources, and develop tracking skills of witnessing, resonance, and verbal and non-verbal dialogue. This training is for somatic and psychological practitioners, who work with others in bodywork, movement and psychological fields.
Instructors Bio:
PILAR MARTIN is an Advanced Rolfer and nurse-midwife who graduated from the European Rolfing Institute in 1990. Her practice has been influenced strongly by the work of Peter Schwind, Jean Pierre Barral, Hubert Godard and Susan Harper among others. She adds her passion for movement and human embodiment to her practice of Structural Integration. For the last sixteen years she has been living in California, where she practices privately and from where she travels to teach in Europe and USA.
SUSAN HARPER has been teaching and contributing to Continuum since 1975. She developed Em'oceans and Sensations Trainings inspired by the teachings of Chris Price - Gestalt Awareness Practice, which is a nonanalytic, noncoercive, nonjudgmental practice in which we deepen our practice of being with what is. This work also integrates Perceptual/Movement principles from Hubert Godard, with whom she co-taught for 12 years, and Somatic Experiencing - Peter Levine.