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IASI member practitioners are required to fulfill 72 clock hours of continuing education every four years to maintain certification. At least one half of these hours must come from Category 1 courses. For full details please read the IASI Continuing Education Program publication.

Reporting Deadlines:
  • Everyone who became a member before March 1, 2008: The first 4-year reporting period ends on February 28, 2012.
  • Everyone who became a member after March 1, 2008: Your reporting period begins the next February after you became a member and ends 4 years later. For example: if you became a member on June 30, 2009, your reporting period begins February 2010 and ends February 28, 2014.
How to Report Credits:
It is the responsibility of the practitioner to meet all requirements for validating CE credit. Reporting forms for each type of credit were provided in your CE packet and can be downloaded from the website. Fill out the appropriate forms and return them to the IASI office by your reporting deadline. 
You may fill out these forms at any time during the 4-year reporting cycle and send them to the IASI office where we will track each member’s CE account.
You must keep hardcopy documentation of your CE credits: certificates, receipts for courses, articles, or other documentation. We will audit 10% of the membership each 4-year reporting cycle and will ask for these documents.