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The study guide covers the content areas of the Certification Exam for Structural Integration. The practice of Structural Integration has been divided into 5 aspects:

  • Client Relations
  • Assessment
  • Strategy
  • The Work
  • Ethics and Professional Issues

There is a percentage listed in the detail for each aspect that indicates the number of questions the exam will have for that aspect. In each content area, there are skills listed that relate to that aspect of the work. Alongside each skill, you will find a bulleted list of concepts that Structural Integration practitioners need to know to safely and effectively perform that activity.

This Study Guide is provided as a service by the Certification Board for Structural Integrationsm. Persons who take the Certification Exam are responsible for their own preparation for and performance on the Exam. The availability, content, and/or accuracy of this Guide cannot be held responsible for an Exam candidate’s preparation for and performance on the Certification Exam for Structural Integration.

The Certification Exam for Structural Integration covers only the minimum knowledge necessary provide a safe and effective application of the bodywork known as Structural Integration. This Study Guide is not meant to fully describe or define the theory and practice of Structural Integration. The literature recommendations in this Study Guide are not a full bibliography of works on, and applicable to, the practice of Structural Integration and should not be used as such.

Please review the following three documents, which are NOT included in the study guide below:

Review of the Series from the perspective of Rolfing®, Hellerwork®, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI), and Soma Neuromuscular Integration®

IASI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

How to Approach a Multiple Choice Exam 

CBSI Study Guide (all categories)

This includes all of the individual sections for your convenience. Each of the exam categories will have:

  1. Questions about your knowledge base,
  2. A sample question, and
  3. Book recommendations

    Individual CBSI Study Guide Sections

Print individual sections of the Study Guide based on your needs.

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Below are links to the articles from the suggested reading list in the study guide. Please note that these are external links to sites not under CBSI's control. If you encounter a broken link please let us know right away!

For additional questions about the study guide, please e-mail our Chairperson for the Examination Committee, Ryan Hofer at [email protected].