Is Becoming Board Certified Right for You?

Continuing Education and Certification Renewal

Maintaining your BCSI status is easy!

Every 4 years (based on the year you became a Board Certified Structural Integrator) you need to either recertify through continuing education or re-take the exam. It’s your choice. Here’s how...



To maintain your BCSI credential, you must:

  • Report 72 credits for continuing education or experience every four years.
    • If you have less than 15 years of SI experience, 36 hours must be Category I Credits. The remaining hours can be any combination of Category II and III Credits. Visit the continuing education tab.
    • If you have 15 or more years of SI experience, you may report 72 credits from any combination of Categories I, II, or III.
  • Submit a fee of $150 USD.
  • Please read the policy to learn about credits, then report your CE credits. (Login required)

Re-Taking the Exam?

Successfully completing the exam will earn you 8 Category I CE’s. Please check the Board Exam Schedule on our calendar of events from our home page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and HELP for Certification Maintenance

Is there a deadline?

  • Yes. The deadline is December 1 of each year.

  • If you miss the deadline, you may have a 30-day extension, but you must also pay an additional $100 fee to remain certified.

  • Failure to renew by December 31 will result in loss of certification, and you may no longer use the BCSICM credential.

How do I know if I need to recertify?

  • Certification must be renewed every 4 years.

  • For example, if you certified before 2012, and have not ever re-certified, you need to do it in 2015

  • If you aren’t sure, you may email the IASI office.

What must I do to keep my certification current?

  • Complete the online reporting form with a $150 fee.

What do I report on the form?

  • 72 Continuing Education or Experience Credits must be reported every four years.

  • There are 3 categories of Credits:

    • 1 clock hour in a class or workshop is equivalent to 1 Credit.

    • Many activities and experiences also earn Credits.

  • Specific numbers of Credits are required per category.

    • After 15 years of practice, all 72 Credits be earned from any categories. 36 Category 1 Credits are not required.

    • ONLY practitioners in their first 15 years of practice must earn 36 Credits from Category 1.

Do I have to send in my certificates from classes or experiences?

  • No. But you should organize and retain them in case you are audited.

  • CBSI must randomly audit 10% of renewals each year. Evidence for the credits claimed will be required if selected for audit.

Do I have to complete the online reporting form in one sitting?

  • Yes, the form will not retain all of your data to go back to it at a later date.

In the future, can I record my credits online as I earn them?

  • No, you must fill out the CE online form in its entirety in one sitting.

Report your CE credits for Certification Renewal

For additional questions regarding specifics on re-certification, please e-mail our CBSI Chair, Ryan Hofer at [email protected].