IASI Board of Directors


Manny Aragon
The Rolf Workshop - Costa Mesa, CA

Manny graduated from the Guild in 1998 and has since built practices in three different locations. His background is in athletics, yoga, and the martial arts and he thrives on the physical and mental challenges of sport-specific training. One of his specialties is helping athletes heal their bodies and improve their movement precision through the practical application of the SI 10-Series and integrative movement training. His true love is working with clients who have Scoliosis—individuals who have never felt the exhilaration and joy of an integrated and aligned body.

Vice President

Amber Leigh Burnham
Guild for Structural Integration - Salt Lake City, UT

Amber is a Certified Advanced Guild for Structural Integration Practitioner and member of The GSI faculty. Since 2008 she has been teaching the Basic 10 series, Advanced Training and continuing education workshops with The Guild. Recently she has been developing and teaching a 10 series review course with cadaver lab and dissection in collaboration with Elisa Noel. Amber has been practicing Structural Integration since 1999 and has been learning and teaching alongside mentor Emmett Hutchins since 2007. She appreciates being in the classroom and regularly organizes workshops and classes sharing her passion of building our larger Structural Integration community. She has been studying RISI Movement with Mary Bond and is continually enlivened with the depth of awareness our bodies can enjoy. Amber is pleased to share IASI's overall mission and support its members.



Chris Corrales
MedicinEvolution - Hayward, CA

Chris stands for a world of joy, responsibility, connection, and love. At 21 years old Structural Integration transformed Chris' life on every level. It was the impetus that inspired in him a journey of self-empowerment, presence, purpose and potential. By nature his greatest inherent talents are fall into the categories of Strategic Thinking and Relationship Building, two strengths that he believes are crucial to help serve, evolve, and elevate today's SI profession and community.



Salt Lake City, UT


Dario Di Lorenzo
European Guild for Structural Integration - Milano, Italia

Dario is an Advanced  Practitioner of Structural Integration. He originally  graduated from the Guild for SI in 2011. Since then he’s been practicing  in Milano, Italia.  He is so devoted to this work that he decided to leave his successful career as director of an international software company to dedicate 100 percent of his time to SI. Besides working in his own practice, Dario organizes CE workshops in Italy with Sharon Wheeler. He is a now a member of the European Guild for Structural Integration (EGSI), is currently assisting the first edition of their Basic Training in Milan, and organizes EGSI’s workshops in Italy.  At the heart of Dario’s passion for SI lie the following objectives:  He wants to reach out to the community of peers in Italy and Europe in order to coordinate a vision for SI, create bridges between organizations and evolve the practice, while honoring the linage and tradition of great teachers. With this spirit, Dario is pleased to be serving as an IASI a board member hoping that his organizational capabilities will prove useful to the entire community of  SI practitioners.  Email Dario Di Lorenzo 


Herbert Grassmann
SKT Institut - Nuernberg, Germany

Herbert is a Body Oriented Psychotherapist in his own Praxis. In 1989 he was trained in Structural Integration with Emmett Hutchins, Peter Melchior, and Stacy Mills. In 1994 he took the Advanced Training at the Guild for Structural Integration. He is also a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and trained with Pat Ogden and Peter Levine in Trauma Therapy. He is also director of the European Association of Somatic Traumatherapy (EAST), Executive Director of the Institut for Structural Core Therapy (SKT) and founder of SKT® Strukturelle Körpertherapie and TraumaSomatics®. Chair of the EABP Science & Research Committee. "My main focus as an international board member is to bring our International IASI members more together by stepping into a dialog between the international schools & training organization and helping to organize international IASI congresses." Email Herbert Grassmann.



Loren O'Neil
Chain Reaction Therapy - San Diego, CA

Loren opened a Structural integration office n Pacific Beach and will be an assistant at the next NEWSI training. He is involved in the physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, and personal training fields. Loren is constantly learning to better strengthen his practice and knowledge of how to work with individuals. Loren is looking forward to being a part of an amazing organization and be proud to promote the work for others to join the community in order for structural integration to continue on its path of recognization. 



Jason Prince
Structura Body Therapies - South Ogden, UT

Jason is a Certified Advanced Guild for Structural Integration Practitioner and Postural Alignment Specialist trained in the Egoscue Method® of health through motion. He and his wife Nancy have been practicing for over 20 years. As Bodyworkers & Functional Movement Practitioners they focus on balancing the muscle and fascial systems of the body to improve range of motion, posture, and support pain free living. They co-own Structura Body Therapies, clinical therapy practices located in Utah with Franchise and Affiliate practices located in Colorado, Nevada and Texas. One of the clinics specialties is working with insurance companies in the realm of Physical Medicine. He is responsible for their training program, therapy design, as well as expansion and management of locations.

In addition to the clinics they also own and operate the Structura Institute. An IASI approved Structural Integration Program including continuing education courses approved through the NCBTMB. Teaching and sharing bodywork with the students that have come through the program has allowed him the ability to expand his vision of bodywork far beyond his physical presence.



Ward Sener
Sonoita, AZ

Ward came to the IASI board because he wanted to contribute to the advancement of a profession whose benefits he has experienced through the work itself. He brings many talents through his years of business experience, including IT and management consulting to Fortune 50 companies and government organizations. He has owned and operated several successful businesses and is intimately familiar with the struggles and rewards of entrepreneurship. Email Ward Sener.



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