IASI School Recognition Standards

IASI Recognition is a process by which a Structural Integration basic training is evaluated, based on an accepted set of standards, to ensure a minimum level of basic Structural Integration education. The basic training's curriculum includes the following: at least 730 class hours of instruction, adequate in-class supervision of Structural Integration work, demonstration of professional competencies, and inclusion of core curriculum elements. The structure and content of the core curriculum elements must lead students to achieve or exceed the professional competencies of an entry-level, independent Structural Integrator who can legally practice SI. The basic training must ensure that the sequencing, duration, nature, and content of all didactic, practical, and manual application courses are appropriately integrated and consistent with the program's purposes and educational objectives. The IASI Recognition process enhances the profession of Structural Integration and assures the public a standard of quality from graduates. These benefits elevate the Structural Integration profession in the eyes of the public, raise the profession above sub-par bodywork education, and increase the public's confidence in practitioners of Structural Integration.

IASI aspires to the highest level of integrity in the process of recognition. Basic training programs seeking IASI Recognition will demonstrate honesty and integrity and will agree to comply with all IASI educational standards, decisions, policies, and procedures both during the recognition process and throughout the term of recognition. Basic training programs must be clear with potential students, and the public, about how instructional hours are classified, and how they can be applied towards government licensing requirements. IASI acknowledges and highlights basic training programs that are licensed as schools by state or national governments; this information will be communicated on the IASI website. Basic training programs will renew their recognition status in January of each year. IASI acknowledges that there are elements of contextual and cultural sensitivity involved with educational standards; if a program needs a specific accommodation, it may submit a written application to the IASI Board.

Before submitting your School Recognition Application, please review the following requirements.

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