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Before submitting your School Recognition Application, please review the following requirements below.

Minimum School Training Requirements

All of the following requirements must be submitted to IASI in written documentation. Your application will be considered complete and ready for review when all documentation has been received. A checklist has been provided to assist you in completing these documents.

  1. 730 total in-class hours.
  2. 500 of these hours must be in SI theory and practicum.
    These hours do not include anatomy, physiology, movement, ethics, business, contraindications, etc. Acceptable documentation must include clearly detailed curriculum/class schedules demonstrating material covered. A general statement is not sufficient documentation.
    Content: we will look for inclusion of a clearly documented series process, the concept of the body as integral with gravity, and the fascial system as the structural organizer. Schools must provide clear written documentation of in-class supervised work on a minimum of 2 models - preferably more, observation of at least 4 complete series with students receiving and giving the complete series with classmates under instructor supervision.
  3. A minimum of 230 of the 730 hours must include anatomy/physiology/kinesiology and be from a structured bodywork training program. This would be a bodywork school with a standard curriculum aimed at providing all the basics for a professional career.
    Continuing education workshops will not be accepted in these hours and will not be recognized as meeting this requirement. Acceptable documentation must include clearly detailed curriculum/class schedules that meet this requirement. A general statement is not sufficient documentation.
  4. The SI school from which a practitioner graduates is only required to provide 500 hours of SI training. If the SI school wishes its graduates to be IASI recognized then it must require its students to get the remaining hours in prerequisites from a structured bodywork program that includes general bodywork, ethics/business practices, and a minimum of 230 hours of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.
    Continuing education workshops will not be accepted in these hours and will not be recognized as meeting this requirement. Acceptable documentation must include clearly detailed curriculum/class schedules that meet this requirement. A general statement is not sufficient documentation.

As well, the applicant school must provide a written policy stating that students must present transcripts demonstrating the required hours in these prerequisites and that they are completed before admission to the school. The applicant school should, as policy, maintain a copy of these transcripts in the student records. Copies of applicant transcripts must be provided to IASI if requested.

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Faculty Criteria

1. Primary SI faculty, which does not include assistants, need to have at least 7 years experience sometime in their career as a full-time SI practitioner. In addition, primary faculty shall have completed either:

    1. An advanced training from an IASI recognized school or
    2. A minimum of 300 hours of Category 1 CE’s or equivalent. (Equivalency to be determined by the application committee.)

It is the preference that primary faculty shall have completed both of these requirements.

Acceptable documentation:

  • Transcripts from the school
  • A copy of a signed certificate of completion for the CE hours
  • A letter from the CE provider.

The CE certificate or letter must indicate the date, subject, instructor, and the number of classroom hours completed. Statements from applying faculty that state CE classes attended will not meet this requirement.

2. Primary SI faculty must have previous experience teaching before becoming a primary instructor. This teaching experience may be in any type of school, whether bodywork or academic. Experience as an assistant SI faculty or in a teacher training track program is also sufficient.

Acceptable documentation:

  • A written statement or letter from the school where the applicant taught
  • A letter from the faculty member(s) that the applicant assisted
  • Written records of workshops taught accompanied by letters from at least 4 workshop attendees that indicate the instructor’s ability to teach effectively.

All documentation must include classes, locations, dates, and subjects taught.

3. Primary SI faculty must provide documentation that they have met and continue to maintain the current CE requirements for IASI members with the designation of Professional Structural Integrator. IASI does not currently require primary SI faculty to hold the Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI) designation, but they must meet the IASI CE requirements. It is preferred that primary SI faculty hold the BCSI designation or obtain this designation within one year of recognition by IASI.

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Education Lineage

All primary SI faculty must demonstrate education lineage to the teachings of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Acceptable documentation: A transcript provided from a recognized IASI school, or in the case of mentored training, a written statement from the mentor that clearly documents that both the mentor and the applicant meet the requirements in Sections I and II above.

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Letters of Reference

Primary SI faculty applicants must provide three personal references (written letters and the writer’s contact information) from individuals who have known the applicant for a minimum of one year. At least one of the references must be from a current or former SI teaching faculty, one reference must be from an IASI Professional Structural Integrator, and one may come from an SI practitioner who may or may not be an IASI member.

Applicants should be aware that the application committee reserves the right to request additional references and that negative references may result in the application’s rejection.

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Conditional/Provisional Recognition

Applicants for IASI school recognition should be aware that the application committee and the IASI Board of Directors may give conditional/provisional recognition depending on the applicant school meeting specific individual requirements that the Board may feel is necessary to assure the applicant school continues to meet the minimum requirements.

All IASI recognized schools must agree to abide by the SI primary faculty requirements when adding new primary faculty. As well, once recognized, schools must agree to inform the IASI of changes to its program curriculum and faculty members. Additionally, IASI recognized schools will be required to confirm, on a yearly basis, that no substantive changes to the program have been made.

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