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Portland, OR | Neurovascular Release for SI Part 1 (NVR-SI Part 1) | Kirstin Schumaker
Monday, March 30, 2020, 8:30 AM to Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 5:00 PM PST
Category: National CE Courses

Neurovascular Release for SI Part 1 (NVR-SI Part 1)

Due to COVID-19 and gathering restrictions around the globe, please check with individual providers regarding the status of their courses.


Kirstin Schumaker

Organizational Host: 
Agile Body Structural Integration

21 CEs Category 1 

Registration Prices:
$750 ($375 deposit to register, which is fully refundable up to 60 days before)

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[email protected]

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Course Description:

Learn something new for every session in the series, building skills and strategies for freeing the nerves and vessels within the myofascia. With this class alone NVR will enhance your SI practice, or you can continue building your skills with the next five courses in the program, working toward Anatomy Trains Advanced Certification in Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration. This work has a certain precision to it that makes it particularly effective for fine-tuning structural balance — it’s great for athletes, and for every client who needs that extra nudge to help them emerge more fully from their old structural pattern. NVR techniques will help you to address persistent issues such as forward head posture, chronic pain and instability related to spondylolisthesis, discomfort and thoracic movement limitations related to scoliosis, asymmetrical gait, and chronic low back and hip pain.Appropriate for both seasoned practitioners and new practitioners. New graduates may take Part 1 right after being initially certified as a structural integrator. (Part 1 will immediately enhance series work rather than distract you from it.) Seasoned practitioners, whether or not they are still doing series work, will love the way this enhances their current practice. This work complements the work taught by other neural teachers.

Instructor Biography:

Kirstin Schumaker is a Board Certified Structural Integrator, Certified ATSI practitioner, and Certified Teacher of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration. A structural integrator for 15 years, she has been studying nerves since 2006, and she added arteries to her special interest list in 2010. Now all the myofascial work she practices and teaches is nuanced by her understanding of the neurovasculature.