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Integrating the Cranium
Monday, August 01, 2022, 9:00 AM to Thursday, August 04, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title: Integrating the Cranium
Course Location: Walpole, ME USA
Course Date(s): August 1-4, 2022
Course Time: 9am - 5pm (with 2-hour lunch) each day
Course Instructor(s): Shaorn Wheeler
Organizational Host: Anatomy Trains
Registration Fees: $700 / $800 after July 1st
Registration Process: Register on the website
Registration/Point of Contact Email Address: [email protected]
Registration/Point of Contact Phone Number: 888-546-3747
IASI CE Credits: 24 Category 1



Course Description: The seventh hour is the centerpiece of the ten session Rolfing process. Dr. Rolf once said that we do the first six sessions so we can do the seventh session, and then we spend three more sessions integrating what comes out of that seventh session.The main pattern of the techniques you will see are from Dr. Rolf with some interesting additions from Sharon. These are all direct techniques from which you may expect large amounts of structural change.“Two handed torque” for the cranium will be taught. This delightful technique smooths out lumps, bumps, dents and distortions in the skull, nicely demonstrating the fluidity of spongy bone in the cranium.For the lower jaw and zygomatic arch, the “double pry bar” for width and balance will be taught. We will explore nose work, the eye sockets, the ears and ear cartilage, and the hyoid.Close attention will be given to the atlas/axis relationship and we will take a good look at the upper back and upper ribs and shoulders as they relate to this work.Sharon teaches this endlessly fascinating subject with detail & precision, hands on individual attention and a tendency towards invention.Who is this workshop for?Open to experienced manual therapists.

Instructor Bio(s): Prior to becoming a Rolfer®, Sharon Wheeler was a part of the staff at Esalen institute in Big Sur, California, where she taught Esalen Massage for several years. When Dr. Ida Rolf brought Rolfing to Esalen, Sharon became one of her early students, working with her from 1970 to 1979. Sharon also served on the Board of Directors of the Rolf Institute for several years. Currently, she practices in Washington, near Seattle, and travels to teach specialty classes on Bones, Scar Tissue, Cranial Rolfing, Sacrum and Coccyx Work, the Art of Rolfing. www.wheelerfascialwork.com