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The Cranium and Cranial Relationships
Friday, June 10, 2022 to Sunday, June 12, 2022
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title: The Cranium and Cranial Relationships
Course Location: Boulder, CO
Course Date(s): 6/10/2022 - 6/12/2022
Course Time: TBD
Course Instructor(s): Russell Stolzoff with Kevin McCoy
Organizational Host: Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®
Registration Fees: 675
Registration Process: Pay $375 deposit + one additional payment of $300
Registration/Point of Contact Email Address: [email protected]
Registration/Point of Contact Phone Number: 303-449-5903, ext 107
IASI CE Credits: 0



Course Description: This Continuing Education class is open to practitioners of Structural Integration who have graduated from an approved IASI school.This course reviews and deepens the knowledge and understanding of the treatment of the cranium and its relationships throughout the 10-series. Participants will extend their ability to work with patterns that affect the cranium and its associated structures. Course topics will include: Fascial anatomy review of neuro and visceral cranium Hands-on exploration of relationships between cranium, spine/pelvis, shoulder girdle/arms, and endo-thorax Detecting and treating cranial patterns as a terminus of the structural fascial pattern that runs throughout the body Using spectrum of touch concepts to assess and treat the relationship between inherent motion, joint restriction, and facial continuity Body reading, palpation practicums, strategy development, and two partnered session exchanges For further information contact Russell @ [email protected]

Instructor Bio(s): Russell Stolzoff is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and researcher who has been practicing Structural Integration since 1989. His passion is to help his clients live more comfortably throughout their lifespan and perform their best no matter what they do. To do this Russell treats every day and every client as an opportunity to learn, discover and improve his abilities. Russell is also a member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute’s Advanced Faculty where he devotes his efforts to curriculum development and teaching the art of Rolfing®. He lives in Bellingham, WA. Kevin McCoy is a faculty member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®. He trained under all six of Dr. Rolf's originally appointed faculty. He has enjoyed being a practitioner of the art and science known as Rolfing® for over 30 years. He is a licensed Physical Therapist and was employed by the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation where he provided Rolfing to individuals in a chronic pain program. He previously served on the DIRI Board of Directors as the Board Chair for five years.Kevin is passionate about Rolfing as a traditional and evolving healing art form.