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February 2023 Webinar: Prínciples of the Polyvagal Embodiment
Thursday, February 16, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
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IASI February 2023
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 Prínciples of the Polyvagal Embodiment Training (PET)

 February 16, 2023 | 11 AM PST
Presented by: Herbert Grassman

Polyvagal Embodiment Training (PET) is based on the foundations of Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory. PET training offers a body-oriented approach to solving stress-related disorders and their effects on psychosomatic behavior. Current neuroscientific research emphasizes how important one's own bodily experiences and interaction in a social context are for self-regulation and neuropsychological changes. In every situation and interaction, we feel either safe or threatened. The constant alertness of the nervous system leads to a chronic activation of the protection-seeking musculature and acts like a frozen structure in our body. Our interventions take on the character of neuronal training. Through the interoceptive and proprioceptive practice of the neuronal activation states, defensive tendencies weaken and states of calm spontaneously appear as a reaction to a natural survival program. Through the application of the Polyvagal Principles and their resource development tools, participants begin to develop a deeper body awareness.

Who should attend: With the PET Foundation Training, you will develop an anchored understanding of Polyvagal Theory that you can apply directly to your work, enhancing the growth and development of those you work with. Use resources, tools, and strategies that improve the adaptability of your physiology and the quality of your relationships.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Herbert Grassmann with Steven Porges are part of a research team at the "Traumatic Stress Research Consortium" at the Kinsey Institute. Together they are working as editors on a new book project: "The Science of Embodiment-Trauma, Body and Relationship", which will be published by Norton Publishing in 2024. Dr Herbert Grassmann is Chair of the Science and Research Committee of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy. Professor of Psychosocial Studies and Bodymind Healing; Fellow, Parkmore Institute, South Africa, Johannesburg and teaches at Maltepe University in Istanbul. Scientific Advisory Board Polyvagal Gesellschaft. His extensive research has focused on both developing and evaluating interpersonal neurobiological models and bridging the gap between attachment and dissociation theories with a somatically focused model of trauma therapy. As a trauma specialist, he has conducted training in South America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico) on the treatment of trauma with a particular focus on the phenomena of domestic violence and chronic pain.


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