Bones Are Fascia

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Description 

The really big paradigm shift is: Bones are Fascia. With simple manual pressure, bones remediate in form and function. The remediation of bones is similar to the way our fascia remediates with Structural Integration - it changes physical contour and it functions better. There is a six-step method for bone transformation. Once you learn the method, there is no longer a preconceived rigid baseline barrier to the remediation of damage in human structure. You can reach through anything and you can help with structural problems a whole lot more by working on the bones themselves as part of human structure.You will have the chance to see and feel bone change with your own hands. I will find one good demonstration model and then I will take a few volunteers from our participants.Shift your limits and expand your possibilities. Come and see how bones fit into the big picture.



Sharon Wheeler
Guild for Structural Integration

I trained in SI with Dr. Rolf in 1970I trained in Rolf Movement in 1971I did my advanced training with Dr. Rolf in 1978.

I have been teaching SI CE classes since 2005I teach Scarwork, Bonework, A Cranial Class, a Pelvic Class and the Art of SI.



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