Natural Alignment - Are We Born With It? 

Friday, March 26, 2021, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Description 

Natural Alignment is the alignment that is specific to the individual - the structural blueprint with which we are born. This idea is that Natural Alignment is genetic, not a factor of learning, patterning, or injury. It can be assessed by the shape of the bones and the required fascial patterning needed to support bones within the idea of biotensegrity. This primary pattern of Natural Alignment exists regardless of the bodies' asymmetries or compensations. Some goals in Structural Integration are to aid and support ease, functional excellence and well-being for our clients. Contemplating Natural Alignment and learning assessment skills to understand it can enhance these goals and help further the possibility of achieving equilibrium ie: specific counter-balancing of the girdles and appendicular structures unique to the individual's structure.


Alyssa Dodson
Structural Integration - Alyssa Dodson

Alyssa Dodson completed her initial SI training in 2002 at The Guild for Structural Integration, with Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior. Shebegan studying with Liz Gaggini in 2005, and assisted Liz, teaching from 2007 until 2016. Liz retired from teaching in 2016, and Alyssa became one of a small groupof practitioners authorized to teach her material. She currently offers two courses based on Liz’s work: The Biomechanics of Adaptable Alignment and Core Integration: Visceral Manipulation. Both courses are offered in several modules, in order to give students adequate time to fully incorporate the work into their practice.

Along with teaching Biomechanics and Core Integration Visceral Manipulation, Alyssa mentors practitioners and oversees specialized study groups. She maintains a private practice in New York City. Alyssa recently made a presentation on how visceral adhesions can affect the goals of Structural Integration at Anatomy Trains Australia and New Zealand inFremantle, Australia as part of their first Summer School Program. She previously presented lectures at La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts, and the University of North Carolina in Greensboro covering the importance of dynamic, functional alignment for opera singers and instrumentalists.

Alyssa brings 15 years of performing and teaching Martha Graham Technique and movement/alignment education at elite schools and festivals; NYU Dance Education Division, Tanglewood Music Center, University of North Carolina in Greensboro, The MET Opera Lindemann Young Artists Program, La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes School of Music, Julliard Music Division, Cooper Union and Interlochen Arts Academy. Alyssa was also trained by Juliu Horvath in the Gyrontonic System and taught at his studio for three years. Her work also has also been influenced by her studies with Hubert Goddard, Monica Caspari, Emilie Conrad, and Irene Dowd.



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