Out of Your Head: Working With Concussions and Meniere’s Disease

Friday, March 26, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Session Description 

As a spinoff of Sharon Wheeler's Cranial Torque work, and Tom Myers' teaching of the deep frontal neck line, I have experimented with clients with concussions and with Meniere's Disease, developing specific techniques to help them over major hurdles in their healing trajectories. The techniques involve pulling dents out of the cranium, 5-10 minutes of inner auricular work and spanning the nuchal ligament which invites C7 to shape-shift. Clients are generally left with a feeling of hope that they can get a handle on the symptoms of their concussion or Meniere's like headaches and vertigo.


Lori Childs
Private Practice

I graduated the Institute of Structural Integration in 1999, and became Board Certified in the inaugural year of the test, 2007. From 1997-1998 I traveled and assisted John Latz in teaching Intro to Fascia classes to massage students. In 2005, I taught Fascial Anatomy to yoga teachers in training. I have also assisted my mentor, Sharon Wheeler, in her ScarWork, BoneWork and Cranial Torque classes.

Otherwise, I've had a private practice in Boston, Washington DC, New York and Ocean City, MD. This has been my experiential laboratory where my best teachers have been on my table.



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