Seen, Touched and Spoken:
The Shift of Fascia in Medical Understanding and How We Name It

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Session Description 

For many years fascia has been the forgotten child of anatomy, and certainly the waste product thrown out of many labs. What we understand of fascia is influenced by what we can perceive. In particular, dissection techniques can both reveal and destroy structures in order to reveal a particular perspective and perception of the body system. In Renaissance times, fresh tissue dissection kept tissue feel and quality intact, although with limited time to view these structures. Recent embalming techniques meanwhile destroyed the three-dimensional aspects of fascia. Newer techniques from decellurization to plastination have again shifted our perception.What we can’t vocalize, we often do not acknowledge. What we do perceive, however, can often create literal and figurative space in field of vision. Through this presentation we will explore the history of fascia through the lens of anatomical dissection and contemplate where this vision may take us in the future.



Laurice D. Nemetz, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT, ERYT500, C-IAYT 
Pace University, Anatomy Trains (R)

Lauri is an adjunct associate professor at Pace University (Pleasantville NY campus), a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, a member of the American Association of Anatomists, a board-certified member of the Association of Dance/Movement Therapists, a certified yoga teacher at the 500-hour level, a Stott Pilates instructor, certified yoga therapist and faculty for Anatomy Trains and Anatomy Trains Dissections. She has exhibited her artwork internationally and is currently writing a book for Handspring Publishing. More on

Recent conferences have included: Brain, Body and Cognition (oral presentations 2017, 2018; Oxford University, Harvard Medical)Experimental Biology (oral presentation 2018, poster presentations various years) Fascial Research Congress, presentation, Berlin, Germany 2018Laban Bartenieff Movement Conference, NYC, summer 2018 



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