Support and Supervision: How to Sustain a Thriving Practice

Thursday, March 25, 2021, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Session Description 

Imagine that there is someone dedicated to supporting you when you have questions or concerns about your practice, your classroom, your business? As SI practitioners and educators, we look systemically and with an eye for wholeness. Let's be proactive and shift our culture. It's for everyone. After graduation, or you are in practice for a while and have questions you need to sit and discuss with a teacher? Perhaps you are an instructor and have a class that is challenging or students that push your buttons? Other health care fields have in the system a mentor/supervisor as a part of the culture so that there is support at every level within the community. Let's talk about this for the SI community.


Liz Stewart
Liz Stewart SI

Liz Stewart is an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration and a Supervisor/Mentor for practitioners and teachers in the SI community. She has been in practice since 1992. Liz is passionate about learning and realized early on that being in the SI classroom was a great way to grow her skills and share her knowledge. She has sat on faculty at GSI, guest taught at DIRI, SOMA-Institute, SKT Institute and offered her own CE courses over the years both in the US and abroad.

In addition to her private practice, Liz has an active mentoring/supervision program where she provides in-person and online mentoring for practitioners and SI teachers in small group settings and one to one sessions. Practitioners and educators now have a central place to ask questions, share their thoughts, feelings, reactions, business and ethical questions etc…. anything related to the practical, skills and emotional needs of the work. Liz brings over 25 years of practice and classroom experience where she draws from her group and supervision training at Matrixworks®, The Trauma-Dynamics Institute, The Center for Group Studies and Oxford-Brookes University. Liz holds the belief that support for all provides the imperative framework for self-care and a path to understanding oneself in their professional.

Liz brings her fun and supportive nature into all she does. Her work has been described as comprehensive and deeply transformative. Her clients refer to Liz as “highly intuitive, strikingly observant and razor-sharp”. She practices out of her North Boulder office and when she is not there, she is either with family (dog included) hiking, cooking or riding her bike.



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