The Art of Yield

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Session Description 

‘The Art of Yield’, is developed by Rolf Movement instructor Hiroyoshi Tahata, has been described by Mary Bond as “ an exploration in being fully present and in observing the whole again and again.” This approach is designed to engage the client’s own self-regulatory intelligence, rather than forcing change that the practitioner believes needs to happen. It demonstrates that effective structural change can be achieved through gentle and brief, but precisely timed, touch. The practitioner’s touch invites a very deep relaxation in the whole body-mind system, facilitating decompression of joints and core-space expansion.Recent studies shows the possibility to refine this approach by working with Ma, Japanese concept of time and space. The presenter would demonstrate the session with this approach.



Hiroyoshi Tahata
Japanese Rolfing Association

As a Rolfing Movement Instructor (2009), Hiroyoshi Tahata brings to this work a depth of creativity and understanding which integrates the principles of structure and function through a gentle and non-invasive approach to transformation. His background in biochemistry clearly bridges the inquiry between science and art. His work is grounded through experience and enriched by a thriving practice.

-Certified Somatic Experiencing® practitioner
Date: March 2012
-Certified Rolfing Movement instructor
Date: December 2009
-The Rolf Institute® of Structural IntegrationCertified Rolfer, Rolf Movement practitioner, Advanced Rolfer
Date: April 1998, July 1999, May 2002, respectively.
-Master of Agriculture, Shimane University
-Shimane Graduation Date: March 1987
Major: Agricultural Chemistry
-ExperienceRolf Movement ® InstructorProvided 42 workshops for 147 days toward Rolf Movement™ certification since 2009
-3 days workshop about Yielding work for faculty members of Rolf Institute in 2014
-8 days Rolf Movement workshop for US Rolfers in 2015 and 2016 respectively.
-Rolfing® practitioner Tahata Rolfing Laboratories, Tokyo - 1998 〜 present
-Rolfing private session 1998
-Organizer and assistant of the first Rolfing training(Unit 1) in Japan - 2001
-Assistant instructor for the Rolf Movement certification course in 2005 and 2007.
-Assistant instructor for the Advanced Rolfing training in Japan in 2014-2015.
-Disaster Relief workshop and Rolfing in Fukushima 15 times in 2012 - present.
-Research worker - Hayshibara Biochemical Laboratories, Okayama, April 1987- Octorber1995



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