Working with Pro Athletes, On- and Off-Season

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Session Description 

I was brought in to work with a high profile NFL Football Quarterback by Nike in the middle of the football season in 2018. Being mindful to restore structural balance without disrupting athletic function certainly had it's own learning curve for me. Since then, my practice has exploded with the NFL. I work with many football players 2-3 times per week during season (in the preparatory and recovery phases), 2 times per week during OTA's and preseason, and 1-4 times per week off season to restore the body and function the most we can before the whole thing starts again. I find that my embodied understanding of the Structural Integration protocol, neuromuscular patterning and development, biomechanical understanding, and well developed eye have allowed me to make a real difference in helping athletes at this high level to develop performance consistency, prevent injuries from their repetitive high energy function, lengthen their potential careers, and promote good physical health post career. My wish is that there were more practitioners with my skill set interested in this type of work because it is so exciting and the learning never ends!



Kaylee Cahoon
SMARTCore Method

Kaylee Cahoon is a nationally recognized Movement Educator, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Practitioner, former internationally touring professional modern dancer, former television and theater choreographer, and a teacher of movement and manual therapists. Kaylee’s thirty plus years of exposure and training in various somatic movement methods such as the Pilates Method, Feldenkrais Method®, Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Movement Analysis, and well as her own movement explorations combined with progressive and evolving understandings of anatomy, physics, and neuroscience, provide the infrastructure for her perceptive and integrative teachings.Kaylee works with a wide variety of populations from high profile professional athletes, dancers and entertainers to people with diagnosed medical issues such as MS, traumatic brain injury, pediatric neuromuscular conditions, and both acute and chronic pain patterns. The medical community often refers patients to Kaylee for injury prevention, developing core stability, neuromuscular repatterning and balancing, and biomechanical problem solving.

She has presented in universities (Vanderbilt University, University of TN, Middle TN State University), massage schools, public and private middle and high schools, TN board of education, non-profit state dance associations, Yoga, Pilates, and Dance Studios, and corporate environments on a variety of topics such as 'How and Why to Integrate Movement into a Massage Practice,' 'Fascial Planes in Movement, 'Movement Education,' ' Surviving a Sitting Job,' and 'Creating a Movement Curriculum.' Kaylee founded and directed the Franklin School of Performing Arts (1991-2015) and has former students located around the world as professional dancers, artists and somatic practitioners. She founded and directed Pilates of Cool Springs (2004-2015), and developed her own movement approach to fitness and athletic performance, SMARTCore® Method in 2014.

Currently, Kaylee is a manual and movement therapist to many NFL starters from several teams working in all stages of their seasons. She is grateful to her life long movement passion in that it has fed her soul in more ways and directions than she could have ever imagined.



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