Zoga Multidimensional Movement

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Description 

Zoga movement is a concept that is designed to build and support goals of structural integration proces. Itcan have a form of movement class where group follows different sequences of movements and follows certain mechanical chalanges that are in each class to target areas that woled follow goals of each session of Structural Integration proces. It can also have a form of one on one therapy process that can be combined with or incorporated in each structural integration session. It is a movement modality that looks at structural organisation of a human body, uses yoga asanas and its many modifications to funcionally test ability of the body to move and create sliding movements arround soft tissue tensegrity system of the body. Looking at each body segment, each bone and relationships between all big sliding surfaces of a human structure Zoga movement wants to find areas of imbalanced sliding possibilities of different layers and create spatial changes in relationship of different body segments and soft tissue structures. Directs movement into areas that are restricted in gliding on surrounding tissues and helps them to release into a freedom of movement. www.zoga-movement.com



Wojciech Cackowski
Wojciech Cackowski Bodyworker

I am teacher for Anatomy Trains Structural Integration since 2013 and assisted in workshops since 2011. Itought more than 100 weekend workshops in Europe, USA and Asia in last 6 years. I have presented on many physiotherapy and Medical Doctors conferences in last 5 years. I have been teaching also many long trainings like part 2 and part 3 of Structural Integratin trainings in USA, Germany, UK and Poland. I am also member of Board of Directors for Polish Manual Medicine Association and member of Polish Exercise is Medicine organisation and present of their conferences. I have tought with Teachers of Anatomy Trains like Tom Myers, Lou Benson, Kelly Chadwick, Don Thompson, Larry Phillips, James Earls. I am also teacher of Scarwork for Sharon Wheeler tought with her many times in Poland and study with her since 2014. I have studied also with Judith Aston, Louren Christman, Christops Sommer, Peter Shwind etc. My background is in Physiotherapy and sport education.



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