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You’ve come to the right place for exceptional learning opportunities from respected leaders in the organizational structural integration field. IASI webinars offer the latest information on topics relevant to Structural Integrators, at an attractive price, without ever leaving your desk!

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Webinar Pricing

  • IASI Members: $20.00
  • Non-Members: $30.00 

Webinar Series List

December 2019 Trauma-Informed Skills - Practical Ways to use the Polyvagal Theory (PART 2) *postponed until February 2020
Presented by: Dr. Herbert Grassmann  
January 2020  Supervision and Mentoring: How They are Different and How They Feed Your Personal and Professional Growth, Development, and Needs as a Practitioner
Presented by: Liz Stewart
Fascia Science Overview 
Presented by: David Lesondak
Structural Integration and Embodiment
Presented by: Michael Polon


Webinar Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policy: 
I understand that notices of cancellation must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected]. Cancellations made five business days prior to the date of the live webinar will receive a refund of the purchased price of the individual webinar minus a $25.00 administrative fee. Cancellations made less than five business days prior to the course will not receive a refund. If you cancel for a live webinar and want the recording no refund will be given.

Technical Failure Policy:
I understand that if there is a technical failure at the attendee's home or workplace prevents access to the live webinar, the attendee will not be given a refund. It is the responsibility of the attendee to confirm system requirements and test their computers prior to the start of the webinar. If a technical failure is the fault of the service provider and the webinar is canceled, a full refund will be provided.