International Association of Structural Integrators

The Past as Prologue: The "Future" of Structural Integration

by Tom Myers
"Want to make God laugh?  Tell Her your plans.  Any projection about our future is written in invisible ink on the Void, but let us consider the possibilities that await us..."



"Neurobiology and Pain Science:

a two-day lecture with the NOI group" and CBSI exam offering

April 11-12, 2015 at
University of Colorado, Denver Colorado
Chronic pain and inflammation are at an all time high. More and more, these sensitized clients are seeking us out and, unfortunately, our approach has been limited. Being able to understand and give our clients a pain education is the technology that fills in this knowledge and treatment gap. As with Structural Integration, the NOI approach to pain uses client education in order to free the body and mind from the restrictive patterns that both cause and result in chronic pain.

**If you are interested in becoming a Board Certified Structural Integrator there will be an exam offering on April 10, 2015. Exam cost and application are separate from the event registration. Please mail CBSI exam application and check:

PO BOX 31381
Raleigh, NC  27622