Continuing Education Reporting for Certification Renewal

Please take the time to read though the text below before reporting your CE Credits for Certification Renewal.

Report Your CE Credits for Certification Renewal

Please note that CE credits are not required for an IASI membership, but they ARE required to maintain your Board Certified Structural Integrator certification. IASI encourages you to learn more about BCSI certification to find out if being certified is right for you.

Certification Renewal Requirements for CBSI

  • 72 Credits must be reported every four years
  • Credits are delineated into categories, with specific numbers of Credits required per category.
    • After 15 years of practice, there is NO requirement for Category 1 Credits. ONLY practitioners in their first 15 years of practice must acquire 36 credits from Category 1.
  • 1 clock hour in a class or workshop is equivalent to 1 Credit.
  • Some experiences and activities earn partial Credit for each hour spent.
  • All submissions must include 3 Credits (in any category) addressing Professional Ethics

Credits:  Delineation of Categories

Credits are delineated in three Categories. CBSI’s must report at least 72 Credits.

Category 1 - Core SI Studies or Experience   36 Credits minimum, up to 72 Credits
Category 2 - Adjunct Studies Up to 36 Credits
Category 3 - Independent Studies

Up to 18 Credits





Documentation/Audit of Continuing Education and Experience Credits

It is the responsibility of each practitioner to meet all requirements for validating CE credit. You must keep hard copy documentation of your CE credits as specified on the reporting form in each category’s section.

CBSI will randomly select at least 10% of all Continuing Education and Experience reports every year for audit. Auditing is required of all certification programs. BCSI's should be retain and be prepared to provide documentation for all Credits. Those BCSI's whose submissions will be audited will be notified in June of each year. Documentation of Credits is to be provided only if you are audited and when documentation is requested, failure to provide documentation for an audit will require you to retake the CBSI exam in the following certification maintenance cycle.

How to Report Credits for Certification Renewal:

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to meet all requirements for validating CE credit. Reporting is only done online through our online submission form.

Report Your CE Credits for Certification Renewal